IDK how to maintain the redirect and kill my droplet - so I think I'll leave it on for like a month to move people over and stuff and past that fuck it?

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Okay, I've realized that running this server myself is actually more expensive than paying for mastohost so I'm going to be moving over there. Which also means a new redirect etc. Esp since I can't just import.

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TIL: In 1965, Palm Springs destroyed an entire Black neighborhood within their city limits. The reason given was to build a downtown. Insufficient warning and no compensation.

Almost 60 years later, an apology but no reparations; and not all the land stolen was used.

In case anyone still believed that racism was just a southern thing.

I swear my cat glares at me upset when I drink water and don't even offer him a little sip.

My dude, you eat your own ass.

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Mastohost @mastohost is taking on new accounts again. You can get your own Mastodon server for $6 a month! The great thing about it is they take care of the software, you do not need to be technical to run a server.

Mastohost is where is hosted, and I can recommend them. Support is top-notch, and it's all been smooth sailing.

#hosting #mastodon #fediverse

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