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Quick guide to http status codes

1xx wait a sec
2xx there you go
3xx fuck off
4xx fuck you
5xx fuck

And yeah I'm working today, but I'm so anxious about thanksgiving I'm all over the placeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa okay wrote this up, there's some things I couldn't figure out how to screenshot but hopefully it helps folks.

I'm thinking of writing up a quick thing about how I was able to quickly create my own mastodon instance. Hopefully someone will find it useful?

I think my private instance needs a dash custom emoji

I was just typing into the custom CSS field and loading it - I didn't realize it was CSS only and not SCSS because I tried to initially just overwrite the variable values, but that failed. I could probably go that direction, but I wanted something easily shareable with other folks.

Show thread is what it is so far. It can be greatly cleaned up still but it's a start. There's some definite contrast issues still, but since it's just me *shrug*

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So far progress of updating the CSS of this instance to look like dracula

Does anyone happen to have a CSS override for mastodon made that makes it dracula colorschemed or do I need to do that myself ?

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My biggest fear is losing connection to other people and moving and then all of everything happening

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I can finally show sketches of my new D&D character, Kalixti 💖
She's a sorcerer and I'm so excited to play her in this campaign!

#DnD #CharacterDesign #MastoArt #DigitalArt

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